Case Study – JETWRITE

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Our handheld delivery system JetWrite™, is an expansion to TextureJet’s Stat® technology, providing a flexible platform for directly surface finishing and texturing any metal surface. It is a human-operated device that requires minimal setup and is perfect for on-site surface preparation or ad-hoc finishing, deburring, touch-ups, or small-scale production runs.

JetWrite™ allows the ultimate in flexibility where access is challenging but quality of surface is vital. It is also a great supporting tool to traditional finishing processes where slight reworking may be required due to part complexities. JetWrite™ is an ideal tool for parts of any size, from small components to large structures especially in traditionally difficult to work materials


  • Versatile tool that can be used on parts of any size, from small components to large structures
  • Eliminates the need for expensive tooling or setup costs
  • Produces no thermal damage, making it suitable for machining even the thinnest and most delicate parts
  • Straightforward and intuitive operation
  • Sustainable process that does away with highly corrosive chemicals, leading to a more efficient production process saving time and cost H&S burden
  • No masking is required, reducing the production process time and costs