STAT technology can be used to polish the surface of components, whether that is for decorative purposes or for removing roughness, descaling, or removing cast layers.

There is a need across a wide number of industrial applications to reduce the roughness or polish a components surface.

Two examples of this are the finishing of cast components e.g. removing the as-cast surface and the finishing of additively manufactured components. This is carried out for aesthetic or performance reasons or simply to allow a component to interface with another component.

Our technology can take as-cast or as-printed surface down to mirror polishes and every stage in between, dependant on a components design spec. Often, it’s not required to finish the complete surface of a component which is especially relevant to large components where really an as-received finish is perfectly acceptable across 90% of the component but it is just 10% that requires a select finish.

This is where our patented STAT technology comes into its own and does away with numerous process steps such as masking or unnecessary infrastructure costs associated with bath technologies and instead deliveries an in-situ solution easily automated sustainable solution.

Reducing your toxic footprint

As STAT produces very little waste in comparison to other technologies, it vastly reduces operating overheads and unlike other alternative technologies, our discrete electrochemical finishing process involves no harsh chemicals, helping you to achieve your sustainability goals.