Contract Services

We provide the following contract services to meet a range
of specialist etching, roughening and texturing needs.
Our patented technology works simply, cleanly, without masking or creating surface damage and with minimal environmental impact.

Discrete Surface Polishing

We can provide metal polishing services to Ra sub 1 µm (super polishing) in a wide range of materials of areas from mm2 to m2

STAT requires no need for masking, without touching areas where finishing is not required, vastly reducing costs. This is particularly useful for finishing of sections of additive manufactured components and generally large components.

Meso / Micro component machining

We can carry out fine machining to shape components on a meso or micro level. Our techniques impart no heat into the component, using only controlled dissolution to machine complex geometries. This makes our technology highly suited to thin materials and thin wall components.

Our technology also possesses the added advantages of requiring no post process finishing as the machined features demonstrate no burrs or micro-cracking, with a tailored finish to your requirements.

We can machine low volume batches or one-off components on an ad-hoc basis.

Mould Tool texturing

We can produce complex surface structuring geometries on mould tooling that can be impossible or costly to produce by other methods.

Suitable for for injection, composite moulding where metal dies are used.

For customer defined isotropic roughness from Ra 1µm to Ra 30µm or repeating patterns. Mould sizes can range from mm2 to m2 and will require no finishing and no micro-cracking adding to the longevity of the mould tool in use.

Functional surface texturing for R&D

Where performance of a component in service is key, surface texturing of components is often used to achieve maximum performance. An example of this is to create features on sliding and bearing surfaces to reduce friction or creating increased surface area for increasing heat transfer.

Whatever your requirements, TextureJet is your ideal partner for R&D surface machining to your custom designs.