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What material does it work on?

The STAT process is compatible with a wide range of metals, offering capabilities for roughening, polishing, and patterning to meet your requirements. The ArcSlice Process can be applied to all surfaces, yielding a textured finish that is exceptionally suitable for adhesive bonding applications.

How easy is it to integrate?

Integration is remarkably streamlined. The inherent flexibility of the Stat® system allows for tailored installations based on complexity needs. The user-friendly digital and analogue I/O interface of the STAT Cart seamlessly integrates with both new and existing process lines. Additionally, a variety of accessories facilitates the deployment of robotized, gantry-based, and handheld configurations, all utilizing the same Stat® base unit.

Can it do multiple finishes on the same surface?

The selection of parameters and toolpaths govern the specific finishes achieved. This intrinsic adaptability enables the realization of multiple finishes on a singular surface without masking.

How accurate is it?

The STAT process has demonstrated exceptional precision with removal tolerances achieving sub ±2.5μm depths, underpinned by robust repeatability. Attaining dimensional accuracy within ±10μm is consistently achievable and can be further refined through tailored, high-accuracy automation solutions.

What is the smallest amount of material you can take off?

As we remove material at the atomic level, material removals of 1μm and lower are possible.

How long does it take?

The rate of material removal is dependent upon factors such as the processed area, the material composition, and the chosen finish. For specific estimates tailored to your application, please contact us.

Can it do big parts?

Absolutely. The STAT system’s inherent flexibility allows the accommodation of components of any size through the use of robotic automation. This versatility enables the finishing of entire parts or specific sections within larger assemblies, even in-situ.

Can it do the inside of tubes?

STAT is an energy beam process. Generally, requiring line-of-sight to the target area. However, for geometries featuring adequate clearance into the target area, customized solutions can be applied to accomplish the desired finish. Please feel free to connect with us for application-specific insights and information.