TextureJet has developed a patented technology: ArcSlice specifically targeted at processing polymer-based composites prior to bonding.

Maximising efficiency and increasing sustainability in both production and service are key drivers for many high value manufacturing industries such as aerospace.

This makes using materials such as composites, increasingly attractive, due to their high strength and low weight properties. However, with these benefits, comes several challenges, particularly with polymer-based composites, the distinct material elements in their construction can make them challenging to bond, or join.

Current methods for preparing surfaces prior to bonding, range from simply degreasing with a variety of chemical, vapour or cryogenic based methods, hand or machine abrasion, to creating textures surfaces during manufacture, termed as ‘peel ply. However each of these methods possess distinct disadvantages that mean alternatives are widely sought.

TextureJet has developed a patented technology; ArcSlice that addresses these challenges.