Robot Cell

Our robot system is envisioned with compatibility in mind. It is our most flexible offering and appropriate for anything, from complex bespoke small parts to production line integration for thousands of parts per day.

The robot system is perfect for scaling production speed as well – using multiple robots in tandem gives a linear scale in production speed and therefore value. Its highly articulated nature means our technology can access any hard-to-reach areas with ease.

It really shines when tackling complex, irregular surfaces thanks to our dIEG technology and is perfect for Large Area Texturing or marking of large complex parts. There are many different options for using it and if you have the vision or use case then Texture Jet will happily assist with implementation and support.

The solution that we offer as standard easily handles areas of 0.5m x 1m (with scope for larger areas in the right conditions), the arm though is easily interchangeable for up- or down-scaling to suit your needs.